Customize Do Not Disturb on Android

People who like to focus on their work avidly use this feature but did you know that you can Customize Do Not Disturb on Android and make your life easier?

There might be certain contacts you want to be able to interrupt you at any time. Such as your parents, your best friend, or your agent… those are some pretty important people in your life, and blocking them from contacting you could cause all sorts of problems.

Here is how to Customize Do Not Disturb on Android

To begin the customization process, you’ll need an Android device running at least Version 11 of the operating system. Which covers most Android phones released in the past few years.

Now that you have a compatible phone, just head over to the Settings app from either your App Drawer or the gear icon in the Notification Shade. Once open, navigate to Notifications > Do Not Disturb. From within that window, tap People.

In the People window, tap Messages. You should then see five options: Starred contacts, Contacts, Priority conversations, Anyone, and None.

You’ve added all of the necessary contacts as Starred and you want to allow all of those people to bypass DND. For that, tap the checkbox associated with Starred and it should be good to go.

Allowing phone calls through Do Not Disturb is similar to configuring Messages. Go back to the People window and tap Calls.

In the resulting screen, tap Starred contacts to allow the people you starred to reach you by phone when Do Not Disturb is enabled. Everyone you’ve added will be able to get around Android’s Do Not Disturb feature.

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