Currency Converter Apps for Android

Now you don’t need to do a google search to convert your currency, just use these Currency Converter Apps for Android. These apps will give you accurate and quick currency conversions with the click of a button. These apps will ease your burden if you are making plans to travel or if you work with different currencies.

Like all our other app lists this one has been compiled with keeping in mind consumer ease and work improvement. So have a look at the list of the best currency conversion apps available for Android.

Currency Converter Apps for Android phones


This currency converterĀ app is every traveler’s companion. You can get instant exchange rates from over 180 countries. It even shows you the conversion rates of old European currencies and virtual currencies (such as Bitcoin, Facebook Credit, Linden Dollar, and more).

The app allows you to access currency charts and comes with an easy-to-use interface with automatic updates available.

Exchange Rates & Currency Converter

This app allows you to check the exchange rates of all the currencies in the world. This way, you can calculate the prices of anything that catches your eye, whether you’re online or offline.

The currency data log of the app updates every 60 seconds. You can also use this app to check cryptocurrency rates along with the regular currencies. Historical charts are available of the whole last decade starting from yesterday.

All Currency Converter

All Currency Converter has the exchange rates available for over 160 countries. Along with fiat currency, you can check the rate of precious metals like gold and silver with this app.

The app allows access to current trends and charts and has a multi-currency converter and tip calculator available too. After calculating the tip, it also allows you to pay the bill using third-party apps on your phone.

Forex Currency Rates

The app supports all of the major currencies of over 140 countries, and you can also check the rates of gold and silver.

All the Forex exchange rates are available in one place. You get the currencies’ details along with their last prices and current change of price. Plus, it has a separate universal currency converter tab and supports full-screen charts too.

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