Create themed icons for apps on Android

Did you know that you can Create themed icons for apps on Android 13? A lot of apps still don’t have themed icon support.

This guide will take you through creating themed icons for any app on Android in less than a minute. You can create custom-made themed icons for any app in your app drawer.

How to Create themed icons for apps on Android

All you need is an app called Shortcut Maker in the Google Play store. This icon maker lets you change almost every aspect of those icons.

In this guide, we’ll focus on creating a themed icon variant of app icons to match what Android 13’s themed icon toggle does to capable apps.

After you have downloaded and installed the shortcut maker app on your phone long-tap on your home screen and select Widgets. Scroll down and find Shortcut Maker.

Drag Shortcut (Standard) to your home screen. Select the said App that you want to change the icon for. Select the icon style, select Theme, and pick the color palette you want.

Once you have decided on the color now comes the time to edit the size. Press the minus button to bring the icon size down to about 90-95%.

The themed icon shortcuts are a little larger than average icon sizes by default. You can also opt to create a shortcut from the app itself, though shortcuts made via the app and not the widget will have a small shortcut icon next to it that detracts from the look you’re going for.

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