Covid SMS malware targets Android users

The new Covid SMS malware targets Android users and its alert has been sounded amongst android users. This malware can overlay financial apps with its own screens in an attempt to steal your account credentials, says Cloudmark.

This new SMS malware campaign like the old ones is also trying to infect people via their mobile devices by promising details about COVID-19. It is mainly targetting Android users in the U.S. and Canada.

The new malware is known as TangleBot and it can make and block phone calls. And send text messages, and overlay malicious screens on a compromised device. This latest report came from the security firm Cloudmark.

Covid SMS malware targets Android users

The TangleBot trick Android users into downloading malicious software through fake messages about COVID-19. One message discovered by Cloudmark says: “New regulations about COVID-19 in your region. Read here.

Another message says: “You have received the appointment for the 3rd dose. For more information, visit…”

Clicking on the link in either message tells you that the Adobe Flash Player on your device is out of date and must be updated. If you take the bait and click on any of the follow-up dialog boxes, the TangleBot malware is installed on your Android device.

Once installed, TangleBot is granted permission to access and control a variety of features and content on your phone or tablet. That includes contacts, SMS and phone capabilities, call logs, internet access, camera, and microphone access.

The malware was named TangleBot specifically because it can control so many different functions and do so with several levels of obfuscation, according to Cloudmark.

TangleBot can overlay banking or financial apps with its own screens as a way to steal your financial account credentials. Accessing the camera and microphone is also worrying as it gives the attacker the means to spy on you.

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