Connect Android phone and Smart TV

Bought a new android smart TV? You can learn different ways to connect Android phone and Smart TV so you can sync and navigate amongst both devices easily. Connecting a phone to a smart TV provides access to a variety of entertainment options.

Connection your phone to your smart tv also allows you to see photographs, movies, music, games, online TV shows, and apps. Smart TVs and phones can be connected in a variety of ways. And the wireless method is the most preferred one.

The method for connecting two devices is determined by the type of phone and television you have. And updated software on both devices can take the quality of the connection up or down. So keep on reading to learn about different connection methods that might suit you.

How to Connect Android phone and Smart TV

Casting or Mirroring

Casting media from your tablet or smartphone to your TV is actually rather simple. But the vast array of names used in combination with it might be confusing, ranging from Miracast and Wireless Display to screen mirroring and SmartShare, and everything in between, there’s something for everyone.

AirPlay is another option, although it’s only for Apple devices. All you need to do is check for a casting or screen mirroring option in your phone or tablet’s Settings. Which may be found under Connected Devices or Display Settings, depending on your device.

Streaming over a wireless network is referred to as casting. You should be able to stream material from apps like YouTube or Netflix if you connect your TV and Android mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network.

Casting devices like Google Chromecast streaming devices are also great. But you may also use third-party apps built into your Smart TV to cast. Casting apps will not display your Android’s precise screen on the TV.

Connect the phone to TV with HDMI

If you don’t want to mess with settings, the simplest way to connect your Android phone or tablet to a TV is to use an HDMI cable. But for this, your device needs to support HDMI streaming. To pair your smartphone with a TV, connect one end to the charging port on your phone and connect the other to the HDMI input on your TV.

Then adjust the Source on your TV to display the HDMI input. A normal HDMI cable, on the other hand, will not fit into your phone. If your phone or tablet has a USB-C connector, you can easily get around this by purchasing an HDMI cable with a USB-C port on one end.

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