Christmas Mobile Games

The holiday season is upon us and you need to check out these Christmas Mobile Games for your android games. These Christmas-themed mobile games will enable you to enjoy the season without getting bored. So check out the game list below that we have created just for you.

Happy New Year Farm: Christmas

This game lets you visit Santa Claus on his North Pole farm and build snowmen, make gifts, and bake cookies. This is a city builder game, meaning you need to tap to build and collect things. Having to wait for the tasks to complete in real-time can be a drag, but the added Christmas charm should help.

You’ll need to build toy factories and harvest trees if you want your farm to be ready in time for Christmas.

Winter Solitaire

At this time of year, you want to play Winter Solitaire with a Christmas theme. You need to stack the cards in order, but the cards take different patterns per level, and there are power-ups you can use to reverse your turn or get a hint.

Of course, this is Christmas-themed, so Santa is on-hand to lend you encouragement. And the picture cards all have fun festive imagery. The decks are always randomized, so there’s endless fun to be had here.

Christmas Stories: The Gift of the Magi

This game gives you a mysterious winter tale with this adventure from Big Fish. Your sister has done something bad and consequently been whisked away by an evil spirit and her elves. It’s up to you to get her back in time for Christmas.

This is mainly a hidden object game, with wonderfully detailed and colorful imagery, but it’s wrapped around an intriguing story and has enjoyable mini-games along the way too. Plus you can nab collectibles and achievements as you play.

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to pass the time, especially over the holiday season. But the problem with jigsaws is that you can need a lot of space to solve them. That’s why one of the reasons why the Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles app is so great; it contains a large range of different festive puzzles to solve.

This game will keep you endlessly occupied because you can increase the difficulty and choose how many pieces each puzzle has. You can also adjust options like whether pieces automatically snap into place and if you can check the completed picture.

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