Check out these Whatsapp moded versions

Many of you who enjoy using Whatsapp messenger for daily communications must be aware of the file sharing and customization boundaries that apply to this app. But many developers try to bypass these official restrictions by creating thier own Whatsapp moded versions.

When we say Whatsapp Moded version what we mean is that these are unencrypted and enhanced third-party versions of The famous Whatsapp messenger. The app’s developer had made some changes in the UI and added some extra functionalities such as single ticks, plus you can install alongside the original app.

Whatsapp Moded version

In this article we will talk about two moded versions which are Whatsapp Plus and GBWhatsapp. The plus mode has a single tick option, which shows a single tick to the sender, even when the message is received and read.

The interface of both these modified apps is almost identical to the original and official version of the messenger. Such as the way you sort your conversations and start a new chat. But most of the modes lie in the small details such as being able to send larger files above the limit of 25Mb with the GB mode.

There is a plus sign at the bottom, which opens Whatsapp Plus options once you tap it. The first option you will encounter is the log, which gives information regarding your activities on the application. Users can customize every bit of the WA plus UI. Such as theme color & size of header, pop-up notification, widgets, conversation screen.

You get tones of themes and color schemes to apply and customize the looks of the moded versions of Whatsapp. You can disable calls from specific people with the ability to block and unblock. Moreover, change tick styles at your own choice. Easily Hide your last seen Ever by changing the settings in the Privacy Options.

Sharing media on this moded version is also fun and you can share up to 90 images in a single go. Audio clips can be up to 100 MB and video sizes can be up to 30MB. Viewing media is also very easy as everything downloads automatically and you only have to click and play.

Customizations also include the ability to change missed call icons. That is very helpful if you are using GBWhatsapp for secret purposes along with the ability to change the call screen of your calls.


Users of these moded versions of Whatsapp do get regular independent updates outside of the Google Play Protect universe. But we do want to highlight that both these versions are handled by third parties. And your data travels through unchecked channels and can be stolen.

So keep yourself secure by keeping updated with the Original app and waiting for more updates to open doors to additional Whatsapp features in the future.

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