Check any app refresh rate on Android

You will be hearing about the term “app refresh rate” in the coming days as this is the new spec intriguing the minds of young smartphone owners and mobile gaming enthusiasts. The latest Android phones are adopting displays with higher refresh rates than the standard 60Hz to improve app refresh rate.

A higher refresh rate allows for smoother animations, whether you’re scrolling web pages or playing graphics-intensive games such as PUBG. However, not all apps support high refresh rates nor they need phones with higher refresh rates but you can always check and learn about the refresh rate intensive apps.

How does refresh rate impact your phone’s graphics?

Refresh rate basically defines how many times the display of your phone updated every second. These distinct frames that a display can showcase per second and are calculated in Hz. So the higher the Hz the higher the refresh rate and the higher the graphics.

For example, a game developer would add extra frames to offer a sharper and detailed image, it would only look good in case your display has support for a higher refresh rate. So new devices that will target gamers will definitely offer a high app refresh rate.

How to check the required refresh rate of different apps.

For that you will need to enable developer mode on your Android phone. After that Head to Settings and locate the About phone section. Tap on the software version five times. Every time you’ll tap, you should see a popup that reads, “You are X steps away from being a developer.

After that Head to Settings > Developer Settings. Go to Debugging > Show Refresh Rate and Enable that toggle. Here you will be able to see refresh rates for all the different apps allowing you to check the the devices power according to your requirement.

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