Hidden functions of WhatsApp

Hidden functions of WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging service in the world. It’s a Facebook-owned platform that has evolved to integrate more tools to connect millions of users across the globe. Although alot of people use the messenger app not many of them are aware of the Hidden functions of WhatsApp. From changing the fonts of … Read more

Check out these Whatsapp moded versions

Whatsapp moded versions

Many of you who enjoy using Whatsapp messenger for daily communications must be aware of the file sharing and customization boundaries that apply to this app. But many developers try to bypass these official restrictions by creating thier own Whatsapp moded versions. When we say Whatsapp Moded version what we mean is that these are … Read more

2021 WhatsApp features

2021 WhatsApp features

WhatsApp has been working on a handful of 2021 WhatsApp features to retain and attract new users in the post-pandemic era of 2021. Some of these features are presently in development, while others are reportedly being tested in beta form (which means their rollout is not so far away). WhatsApp was spotted testing voice/ video … Read more

You can still read WhatsApp deleted messages

Many rejoiced when Whatsapp deleted messages feature was introduced in which you can delete your messages sent by mistake. Tech geeks have still found a way to bypass the protocol to access deleted texts. They have introduced namely two different methods to read and access removed Whatsapp content. If you’re worried that a person will … Read more

New Features Coming to Whatsapp

Ever since the introduction of its new privacy policy, Whatsapp has been facing flak from its users migrating to the Signal Private messenger or other such messaging apps to counter its change of policy. This in return forced Whatsapp to rephrase and hold the changes. And on top of that, the instant messaging app has … Read more

WhatsApp announces free Business app, will charge big enterprises

WhatsApp is gearing up to finally monetize its messaging app by charging large enterprise businesses for tools to better communicate with customers. WhatsApp will also offer a free app to small-to-medium sized businesses, though it hasn’t outlined the specific functionality of the app. The Whatsapp Business app will allow global companies “to provide customers with useful notifications … Read more

Fake WhatsApp 1 million Downloads Google Play

A mobile app pretending to be WhatsApp was downloaded more than 1 million times from the official Google Play online shop before Google removed it. The fraudulent developer managed identify themselves as ‘WhatsApp Inc.’ on Google Play, bypassing the company’s filters. Keen-eyed users of Reddit, the US-based social and web discussion forum spotted that the “Update WhatsApp … Read more