WhatsApp Business app

WhatsApp is used globally by people to connect, building on a similar platform of connectivity Whatsapp inc. has now launched a specific WhatsApp Business app. The most important thing with this app is that it will let companies chat with consumers directly and efficiently. But originally it was primarily built for communication between people. To make … Read more

WhatsApp Group gets a new Feature

In this new feature group-admins can silent those pesky group members that keep bothering everyone else with their nosy messages and inappropriate shares in the group. Whatsapp has finally thought about group handling as WhatsApp groups have become really popular among the masses. From business to individuals everyone has shifted to WhatsApp from document sharing … Read more

Google Breaches Location Privacy

This was bound to happen sooner or later as android smartphones have reportedly been gathering users’ location data and sending it to Google even when the location services were turned off and there was no SIM card in the device. This might sound straight out of a Jason Bourne movie but this is true and … Read more

Facebook Messenger Updates to 4K

With a surge of users on its messenger app, Facebook has been working on updates to make the app more user friendly. With new emojis and gif file sending options they made the chat interesting. The feature that needed working on was the data sharing and particularly the photo and video sharing feature in high … Read more

Google Maps Gets a New Look

Since the full fledge advent of google in the introduction of its new Pixel Phones google has been tirelessly working to revamp its softwares so that they are able to give a classy device integration with android and especially with google Pixel phones and one such new update has come in the shape of google … Read more

Samsung is Making it Hard for Apple

The Battle of the big boys rages on. Samsung and Apple are two of the main players in the smartphone industry. They set the standards and everyone else follows. New technology, new specs, and new features are mostly innovated or introduced by these two main players. But with the product comes innovative marketing, that,s where … Read more

Use the iPhones Life-Saving iPhone Feature

That feature is the Emergency SOS function, which could really help you out when you’re in a dangerous situation. It serves two purposes, first as a proverbial flare gun, sending an instant message to local authorities if you’re in a dangerous situation. The second purpose is to lock your TouchID so that a potential assailant … Read more

WhatsApp gets message recall and erase feature

WhatsApp is rolling out a privacy-focused new feature to users that should help you quickly fix mistakes in your messages, whether that’s a typo or something that you just really should not have sent in the midst of emotions. The message recall feature has been mentioned before, but it’s finally happening for a small set of … Read more

Android Oreo to hit Samsung phones in early 2018

Unless you purchase a Google Pixel or Pixel 2, there’s a decent, if not a certain possibility that your handset isn’t, and never will run indisputably the most recent version of Android. While that’s ok because we buy a smartphone for different reasons, it’s still a great feeling knowing that your phone’s manufacturer is at least planning to provide … Read more