Your next work laptop could run Android apps

Google wants you and everyone else to use a Chromebook at work. They announced a new enterprise version of Chrome OS that will make it much easier for businesses to use Chromebooks. Chrome Enterprise, which will cost companies $50 a year for each device, adds a suite of business-focused features on top of Chromebooks’ standard features. These include … Read more

How to back up Android devices

A few years back it would have been a havoc backing up your android device, taking a lot of man-hours and direct uploading time separately for each task different settings for your phone book different settings for your gallery and different settings for your messages but now with the advent of thrifty updates, we have … Read more

Give your Android device a peek into tight spaces with this endoscopic camera

Whether you are diagnosing strange noises from home appliances, or inspecting computer equipment for dust, nests of vermin, a small camera is an indispensable tool. This Endoscopic Android Camera uses your device as a handy video display while giving you access to view thight spots. This posable camera is totally waterproof, making it perfect for inspecting all manner … Read more

Few smartphone features that we Forgot

As smartphones evolve so do the features that come with them. Some of them stick around for a very long time, some trend down due to lack in popularity or usefulness, and some simply fade away. The point is, we’ve seen a lot of smartphone features come and go over the years for a variety … Read more

Nokia and Xiaomi ink patent and equipment deal, Xiaomi buys Nokia patents

A year after buying 1,500 patents from Microsoft, Xiaomi is looking into some other technologies. Nokia has announced that it has entered into a wide-ranging patent licensing and purchase deal with Xiaomi, the Chinese maker of smartphones, wearables, and other hardware, which will also become a customer of Nokia’s for networking equipment. The deal covers three main areas: … Read more

Whatsapp 2020 New features

Whatsapp 2020

WHATSAPP has been constantly adding new features, and in 2020 the instant messaging and video calling app gave its users handy tricks. The apps Dark Mode had been on the horizon for a while plus they added a brand new feature that will expose fake “catfish” contatcs. We will start with its dark mode feature. … Read more

Buying an Android Watch? Read This

An android watch can be a great companion especially if you are a fitness freak. And a lot of developers including the OS developers have been focusing on easy to integrate apps. Even recently Google rolled out the newest version of its Wear OS smartwatch operating system. But there is a downfall that will be a big hurdle in the … Read more