Business Features of Android 11

Lets talk about if there are any imporved Business Features of Android 11. Google started rolling out Android 11 starting with the selected Pixel smartphones. Followed by few devices from global smartphone makers OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and others. To make Android 11 for business users google added some great new features that we discuss below.

Google has been beefing up its mobile operating system with security and performance updates. This will be a great addition for people who coordinate business on their Android phones. With many features aimed at allowing users to keep their business and personal data separate.

Android 11 for Business Users

We will start with app permissions and improved security for data related to business. This is an essential security upgrade, especially for businesses. Because it allows users to fully control the data and other resource access by applications.

With one-time permissions, users can grant access to system resources such as a microphone, camera, or location for that particular usage instance. This way, users can allow access and permissions to the app based on their individual preferences.

In Android 11 Google has also added a Biometric Boost to provide additional security for users. With Android 11, users can choose to select when to use facial unlocking and when to use fingerprint as a means to authenticate apps.

Two factor authentication provides peace of mind for many as it can add a crucial layer of security for using banking, health care, and other security-essential apps.  Google has not disclosed any new underlying technology. But users can store and identity documents such as driving licenses and passports digitally.

Improved Voice Control with Google Assistant

In the Android 11, you will see a lot of improvements to the Google assistant app. They made it easier for users to control their devices through voice. Voice Access is now available offline and will better understand the voice commands based on screen content. More information about the Voice Access can be found here.

Easily sort out your messages in Android 11

With Android 11, users will be able to see conversations prioritized in the notifications shade. There is a whole new “Conversations” header section in the notification panel where users can set priorities within the conversations.

Users can customize these notifications by categorizing them in Silent, Default, and Priority modes. Users can also play around and customize the entire notification panel by grouping, prioritizing, and setting custom notification alerts by just holding a notification.

Having trouble in replying to a lot of customers? Smart replies are now an integral part of Android 11 and provide suggested responses to users across several applications. Google is using artificial intelligence to smartly scan and understand the ongoing conversation and provide users with matching replies.

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