Benefits of Google Bard

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of Google Bard. It’s the latest AI tech to hit the market Google Bard is the brand’s generative AI chatbot.

As the AIs beta version is here and open to the public, Bard is showing a few promising features that can give ChatGPT a tough time.

Bard is free, and Google has readily connected it to the internet. This means, where necessary, Bard will access the web for you and pull out relevant information.

This is very unlike ChatGPT’s case, which can only connect to the internet if you’ve purchased the $20/mo subscription and are using GPT-4.

Benefits of Google Bard

Compared to ChatGPT and Bing Chat, the user interface is very clean. After Bard outputs a response, you can export it to Google Docs or Gmail. This is particularly helpful if you want to use Bard for work, as it saves you the trouble of copying and pasting everything.

Then, there’s also a handy Google It button that you can use to access Google Search straight away. You can use this feature to either double-check the information in Bard’s responses, something that’s not available in ChatGPT’s free version.

View Draft

Bard automatically generates at least three responses for each prompt and displays the one it deems to be the best.

Depending on the complexity of the prompt, the other drafts can be radically different. You might want to check the other drafts if you’re looking for specific information or a certain style of writing.

So, with three responses for a single prompt, you can merge multiple to produce the response that you were looking for, too.

Audio Input

With Bard, you can quickly click the mic button in the text field to enter a prompt with your voice. It works similarly to the dictation feature seen in the Google Keyboard on Android phones.

This is also similar to the Search by Voice feature seen in Google Search. Since Bard itself has a Google Search button built-in, it does a great job of replicating that feature.

This would probably be more useful on phones rather than on your desktop or laptop, but it’s still a nice-to-have.

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