Backup And Reset Your Android Mobile

Phone slowing down or want to sell your phone? Learn how to quickly Backup And Reset Your Android Mobile to wipe your data and start fresh. You can explore several methods for backing up your data, along with using methods that automate most of the process.

When giving away your old phone you have to make sure that you properly take of your data to avoid any misuse and data loss. To begin, sync all of your Google accounts. Navigate to Settings / Accounts / Your Gmail email ID / Account sync to achieve this.

How to Backup And Reset Your Android Mobile?

Once at the account sync click the three-dot menu at the top. Here you have to choose ‘Sync Now.’ Data from Google apps like Keep, Calendar, Contacts, and others are synced as a result of this. Then, for each app that supports it, you’ll want to back up the data.

All of your Facebook and Instagram chats and other data are saved in the cloud. An end-to-end encrypted platform, such as WhatsApp, will have to be manually backed up and stored in the cloud. In WhatsApp, for example, you may do this by navigating to Settings/Chats/Chat Backup.

You may also pick the second option, ‘Only when I tap Back up,’ by pressing the primary backup button. All of your WhatsApp images, messages, and groups will be backed up to Gdrive, where you may import them later.

You can create a File backup for an old phone

The simplest way to accomplish this is to connect your Android phone to your PC, select File Transfer USB mode, and copy all of the information from the internal storage folder to a new folder on your PC.

DCIM, Documents, Downloads, Movies, Music, Pictures, and other folders will be included. When you set up your new phone, you may move these to it and integrate them into existing folders.

Once you are satisfied with the data backup go to Settings and type “reset” in the search box at the top to reset your phone. Select the option that reads “Reset” or “Factory reset.” Choose Reset/Delete Everything if you see an option or a dropdown that asks whether you want to keep files or reset everything.

Once the reset finishes your device will reboot. All you need to do is wait until the welcome screen greets you.

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