Auto Enable Airplane Mode During a Flight: Report

Google is working on a new feature that will Auto Enable Airplane Mode During a Flight. According to the filed patent, the feature will automatically switch to a connected flight mode before or during a flight.

The technology is also said to offer improved functionalities for Airplane mode. The company has filed a patent for its upcoming connected flight mode via World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Currently, users are required to manually turn on the Airplane mode when on a flight. Also, the existing Airplane mode feature shuts down all connections on most devices.

Auto Enable Airplane Mode During a Flight: Report

The existing flight mode disables all wireless connections, including cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on most devices when turned on. However, you can turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth after you’ve enabled Airplane mode.

According to a report by ParkiFly in collaboration with David Kowalski (Twitter @xleaks7), Google has filed a patent for a connected flight mode.

The feature is said to automatically switch the mobile device to a connected flight mode while onboarding a flight.

It will detect pressure drop, acceleration/velocity, cabin sounds, ultrasonic signal, GPS signal, Cellular ID, and Wi-Fi signal to disable automatic backups, background application refresh, and updates, as per the patent filings.

Google will also access travel booking activity, and check-in status, to automatically enable this feature. That’s not all, the feature will also enable selective network connectivity options like in-flight Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Once this new feature hits the market, passengers will no longer need to manually activate flight mode while onboarding an aircraft.

The feature will also switch devices back to normal mode by reactivating cellular connections and restoring standard settings after landing.

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