Apps to Help Improve Your Memory

Getting lost and forgetful? Don’t worry you can train your brain and improve your memory. Checkout these Apps to Help Improve Your Memory. Explore different brain exercises that are designed to improve the way your brain functions.

In this article you will learn about Brain training apps are the perfect way to exercise your brain and will help improve cognitive ability. Here are some of the best adult memory game and brain training apps that have been specifically designed to help improve your everyday cognitive function and cognitive reasoning.

List of Apps to Help Improve Your Memory
Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity is one of the most popular brain training apps and our personal fav aswell. With more than 100 million users worldwide. After a short Fit Test, which is designed to calculate your base score in three cognitive games. You’ll be able to see where you stand amongst other users within your age bracket.

The free version of Lumosity provides access to a handful of brain training games each day and enables you to see your personal LPI score (Lumosity Performance Index). To access over 50 brain training games, detailed insights, and tools to track your training, you will need to upgrade to the premium plan.

While the free version of Lumosity is worth trying, to get the most out of the app you are forced to upgrade by paying a one-off annual subscription.


Like Lumosity, Elevate is another top-rated brain-training app. After a short introduction test to measure your reading, writing, speaking, and mathematics skills. The app generates your unique Elevate Proficiency Quotient (EPQ), which is designed to represent your proficiency at each skill.

With the free version of Elevate, you’ll have access to three Elevate training games per day, which is enough to get a feel for the app and pass the time if you have five minutes to spare. For full access to all of Elevate’s 35+ games, and additional subscriber-only study tools to deepen your skills, you will need to pay for the premium membership.

Brain Games

You can download this app and jump straight into training without signing up or creating an account. From your home screen, you’ll have access to a daily brain-training workout. Which encourages you to complete three tasks a day for 30 days.

To improve your skills and cognitive ability, the Career section lets you work your way up through increasingly challenging levels.

For those who like to play against other users, Brain Games also has a competition section. This section allows you to compete with other brain trainers and set yourself new records.

The Brain Games is ad-supported. And this way it offers its free users access to many more games. Along with a more comprehensive range of features than some of the other paid-for apps on this list.

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