Android’s new Reading Mode: How to Install and Use

If you are a reader then you need to check out Android’s new Reading Mode. It will simplify and improve your reading experience which will be free of extra elements like ads and formatting.

This mode does not come by default on your Android device. And needs a separate app to be installed via the Google Play Store. Once installed, it acts as a plugin and operates from your accessibility settings.

Android’s new Reading Mode

Once initiated the reading mode lets you focus more on the text and removes any distractions that take away your focus while reading in a normal mode.

To install the app head to the Google Play Store and search Reading Mode. Once installed, head to your settings and tap Accessibility.

Here you can toggle the reading mode on and you will be good to go. This mode is implemented by apps such as Instapaper and Pocket.

By default, a little accessibility button will appear at the side of the screen, which you can tap to launch reading mode, no matter which app you’re in.

Back on the Reading mode settings screen, you can tap the Reading mode shortcut again to enable the mode to be launched by pressing both volume keys.

Viewing something in reading mode means you just get the text and the key graphics. All the other parts of a webpage, from the menus to the ads, are carefully hidden away.

It can read articles aloud, which makes the feature even more useful. For those who have impaired vision or who are dyslexic.

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