Android Phone Overheating?

Is your android phone Overheating with limited usage? You don’t have to worry because in this article we lay down the reasons why smartphones overheat. And several steps you can take to help cool things down that will improve your smartphone performance aswell.

The latest phones come with powerful processors and large-capacity batteries inside that can easily take the device temperature up. And this makes overheating a real concern. No matter if your phone is charging, sitting idle, or playing games. Your phone has a safe internal temperature it needs to maintain.

Smartphone manufacturers recommend you keep your device between 32-95 degrees Fahrenheit/0 to 35 degrees Celsius when it’s charging, performing tasks, or sitting idle. It may run hotter than that if you’ve been playing games, streaming video, or using graphics-intensive or augmented-reality apps.

Not only extra phone usage, but internal defects can also lead to major problems, other times it’s the way we treat our phones that dictate how long they last. Whatever the reason, if your phone overheats, there are a few steps you can take to help cool things down and prevent it from happening again.

Is your Android Phone Overheating?

Your smartphone will let you know by posting a warning on the screen if the device gets too hot. It may also shut down certain features in order to help it cool down. But it’s a bad idea to rely on these warnings; exposing your phone to high temperatures on a regular basis can permanently damage it.

Normally during summer, your phone would heat up when you charge it. If that’s the case then we recommend that you unplug your phone and restart it to bring the temperature down.

Your device uses a lot of CPU power to process games, augmented reality features, and even GPS navigation. If the phone is heating up while running one of these apps, force-close the program and give your device a break.

Even if you are not actively using an app, it can still be running in the background and putting pressure on the CPU. On an Android device, you can put these programs to sleep. To do this just go to Settings > Battery and device care and force close all the unwanted apps.

If your phone is still heating up chances are that it has been infected by malware that is using your phone’s processing power in the background. You can try searching for and removing the infected app or just reset your phone completely to give it a fresh start.

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