Android Keyboard Hacks

Learn these Android Keyboard Hacks to quickly type and input all the relevant text for quick replies and comments. The keyboard in focus will be the most famous one called the Gboard.

And these hacks that we are going to share with you are actual shortcuts. They can be termed as useful Gboard features that aren’t shortcut-related but could still be valuable to you, such as its integrated predictive search.

Android Keyboard Hacks

Spacebar Trackpad

With this option, you will be able to use your keyboard’s spacebar as a trackpad to precisely drop your cursor in the middle of a word or sentence. Accomplishing this couldn’t be easier; put your finger on the spacebar and move it left or right.

This seems to work without any delay, so you don’t have to hold your finger still for any amount of time. Tracking left and right, however, will roll over to the previous or next line when you get to the beginning or end of a line, respectively.

Long-press to access special characters

Did you know that Long-pressing a character on the keyboard to access related special characters is useful, if occasionally awkward, a shortcut to typing accented characters?

You might want to tell a friend about watching Sábado Gigante in college or make the words “façade” or “café” a touch pretentious.

Or perhaps you’re in a metal band, so using umlauts everywhere is good förm. Long-pressing a key will bring up accented versions of letters, and numbers as well for the top row of letters on the Gboard.

Easily bring up special character keyboards by tapping the? 123 button, which also makes the !?# button visible. If you tap on the? 123 button and drag, it will allow you to select one special character from that keyboard, then immediately close it

Changing the case of letters, words, and sentences

Gboard makes it easier than ever to use capitals, and also to change the case of an existing word or sentence. Fortunately, capitalizing is easier than what you’ve probably been doing.

To capitalize any given word as you’re typing, when you’re ready for the letter simply tap the Shift key (an arrow pointing upward) and slide over to your letter. If your keyboard is displaying lowercase letters, this action will give you capital instead.

If you’ve already typed your word, you can quickly adjust capitalization after the fact. Simply highlight the word or words you want to change and tap the Shift key one or more times. Your selection will cycle through all-lowercase, initial caps, and all caps.

One Handed Mode

Gboard has a number of features that are handy for one-handed operation. From the three-dot “more” menu mentioned above, you can also enable Gboard’s one-handed mode.

This effectively shrinks and shifts the keyboard to the right (or left). Which helps a lot if you’re typing with one thumb.

You can click the move icon to fine-tune the horizontal and vertical positions of the one-handed keyboard. You can also quickly switch sides or re-enable the main keyboard from within the one-handed keyboard interface.

Gboard’s one-handed keyboard has a complete complement of keys on-screen, but the keys are necessarily smaller than normal.

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