Android camera features to become a better photographer

Read and learn about this Android camera features to become a better photographer. Ever since the release of the latest Samsung S23 Ultra and its super zoom cameras.

All of the latest phones have some excellent cameras, but there are some tweaks you can make to the standard setup to make your pictures pop even more.

If you are trying to improve your photography game then you need to check out these tips to improve your photo and video skills.

Don’t worry about tinkering with your phone’s camera as you can always reset it to default with the touch of a button so feel free to play with these features worry-free.

Android camera features to become a better photographer

Let’s start with the Grid Guide option in the pro section of your phone. The grid can help you create more interesting compositions when the subject is at the intersection of multiple lines and not just square in the middle of the shot. Y

Your phone should feature a 3×3 grid, which among other things can help you use the “rule of thirds” rule and position subjects one-third way into the frame.

Users can also use the quick-launch feature to quickly capture moments as they happen. With Quick Launch, you’ll never miss a shot again.

This feature enables near-instant access to your phone’s camera, once activated all you have to do is double-tap a volume button, and even if your phone is locked, it will jump straight to the camera.

Open your Camera app’s settings and toggle on Quick Launch. Now, to take a photo, you’ll just need to press the volume button twice quickly.

Sharing photos and Pro mode

After capturing and editing we want to share photos quickly. Luckily your Android phone has you covered. You can share the photo you just took, and edit it, in seconds.

In the camera app, swipe up on the camera roll in the bottom left corner. Tap share to share to a variety of places or tap edit to make some quick tweaks to your picture first.

Your camera pro mode can be your best friend provided that you can use its features firsthand. Don’t worry about the complications because you can learn with experience.

This feature lets you adjust manually a host of camera settings that your phone will normally take care of for you automatically. If you want to adjust the shutter speed, ISO, and white balance settings this is the setting for you.

To enable Pro mode, open the Camera app and change the camera mode to More, then tap Pro. The new settings will appear at the bottom and top of the screen.  

Learning how to use High Dynamic Range or HDR is another way to get the most from your phone’s camera. It’s a great way to capture wider dynamic ranges than your camera can in just one shot.

HDR won’t always be what you need however and if you’re not a photography expert luckily your phone can enable or disable HDR as it sees fit if you enable automatic HDR.

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