Android Apps to Simplify Grocery Shopping

Simplify the way you live and shop every day with these Apps to Simplify Grocery Shopping. These apps will allow you to make lists, plan meals, and will simplify the task of shopping for groceries. Knowing what you need and where the best deals are can be confusing when you have a lot of things on your mind.

Shopping is a weekly task for most people but our phones, with apps like these, allow us to simplify our shopping adventure. With some help, it’s an easy task that can be taken care of quickly so you can focus on more important things in life.

Pen-and-paper shopping lists are gone, thanks to mobile phones. By downloading these mobile apps, you can take back control over your shopping and free up mental space to focus on the more important elements of your life.

And that’s why we keep publishing articles and app lists that can help you with your daily compulsory chores around the house. And by exploring the app list below you can enhance and improve the way you shop and organize your daily routine easily.

Here are the Apps to Simplify Grocery Shopping

Our Groceries Shopping List

Our Groceries is a simple app that allows you to share shopping lists with other family members. If you’re at one store while your spouse or family member is at another, you can use the synced list that you share to cross off what you’ve bought.

The app allows you to place your items into categories (frozen food, dairy, meat, etc.) and add in recipes to make remembering ingredients easier. Don’t forget to combine this with using coupon apps for groceries; your savings can quickly add up from utilizing offers and deals on a regular basis.


AnyList organizes and categorizes your grocery list by food group, as well as allowing you to store recipes and easily share your lists with friends and family. It also has multiple device functionality, making it easier for you to manage your lists and recipes on different devices.

The List tab in the AnyList app allows you to add food items that you can then tick off during your next shopping trip. The Recipes tab allows you to create or import recipes and stores them for easy access. If you upgrade to AnyList Complete, you can use the Meal Plan tab to plan certain recipes for future.

Recipe Keeper

Recipe Keeper is a great app that not only stores your recipes, but offers a Meal Planner and Shopping List too. It has a simple interface and even allows you to import and export recipes, as well as syncing up with Amazon Alexa.

You can set meals on certain days and even color-code them by breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is a convenient way to map your week of meals out and get it off your mind. This way you can also shop according to your meal and be on the budget side.

On the Shopping List, you can tick off food items as you go around the store or order online. Once you’ve finished your trip, you can simply untick all the items to have them ready to go for next time. The app’s pro version allows you to add unlimited recipes as well as sync your recipes, shopping lists.

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