Android 14 latest News and features

Android 14 latest News and features include its latest release called the Beta 4 version which is only for testers. As Google prepares for the big release at the end of summer in 2023.

After the third beta release developers can program their apps using the new features and APIs introduced in Android 14 without having to worry about any further changes ahead of the release.

The developer preview and initial beta builds were restricted to the Google Pixel phone lineup. More phones from other manufacturers joined the beta program after Google I/O.

Android 14 latest News and features

Android 14 Easter Egg

Every Android version has a little Easter egg hidden in system settings, and this is also true for Android 14. The Apollo-14-inspired Easter egg has you launch a rocket, flying through the vast emptiness of space with the option to explore stars, planets, and more.

Faster Pin Entry

Many Android phones support unlocking your device instantly when you enter the correct PIN without having to hit an extra enter button. Google is finally bringing this same capability to Pixel phones.

When you have a PIN that has six digits or more. An option becomes available in system settings under Security & privacy → Device unlock → screen lock cog.

Device manufacture date

You can now check the date when your phone was manufactured. As spotted by Mishaal Rahman, you can now see which year your phone was made under Settings → About phone → Model. 

This same detail is embedded in your device’s serial number. Which is also where the date is derived from, according to Mishaal Rahman.

Home Screen Customization

Home screen customization options like the ability to set different lock screen shortcuts or different clocks were missing. Android 14 Beta 4 changes that, with multiple owners confirming in Mishaal Rahman’s Twitter thread that they now have the option to do just that.

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