Android 13 Leaked Feature

You need to read this latest info about the Android 13 Leaked Feature. One of the biggest features that are expected to arrive in the future android release is the users’ control over language usage in the phone. And you can expect a lot of other important things that we discuss below.

Leaked screenshots shared by XDA Developers show major new features that may be coming to the next android version. Android 13 may add a new “Notifications” permission under app permissions.

The report also notes that new apps are installed in Android 13 and launched for the first time. They may request the user permission to send notifications. Just like apps ask permission to use the camera, mic, location, storage, contacts, phone, and calendar.

Up to Android 12, apps can automatically send notifications without the user’s prompt. If a user wants to block notifications, they could, but the app does not need their permission to send notifications.

Android 13 Leaked Feature

Previously Android 12, users could choose a language under the ‘language and input section’ in the Settings app. Some apps also offer to change language inside their apps. But that is completely developer-dependent, and not every app implements the feature.

The feature may come under the user’s control and one may be able to change a particular app’s language in the app information screen. It means you could be able to choose an app to work in a language different from the language implemented throughout your Android device.

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