Android 12 Launches Today

Android 12 Launches Today. As the world’s most-used mobile operating system continues its growth. The official update will start from Pixel 3 and move onwards to other android devices. The new Android OS beefs up some of the strengths in the operating system while adding some new features along the way.

In the latest update, Google brings the Material You feature to the OS. When you change your wallpaper, the entire Android 12 experience changes to match its colors. The OS includes color extraction algorithms that help everything look integrated.

Everything is personalizable, including the mobile’s lock screen, notifications, settings, widgets, and even apps. Material You comes to Pixel first and will be rolled out to devices from other devices.

Android 12 Launches Today

The new Android 12 OS will enable you to keep your location private from apps that only need an approximate location to work. You also can see when an app is using your mic or camera, with a new status-bar indicator.

In the latest update users also have the ability to turn off the camera and mic across the entire OS. You can turn them off in the Quick Settings. The OS also adds additional features to lock down apps you’ve forgotten about, by automatically revoking permissions from apps.

Android 12 also brings power-saving and better accessibility features. The company is also rolling out hot updates. So you can keep using an app even while an update for the very same app is downloading and installing in the background.

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