Activate and use Google Messages on the web

You need to Activate and use Google Messages on the web. The default texting app was once thought of as a simple SMS text messaging app from Google, but since it has continued to expand on features like RCS messaging, it has become one of the best messaging apps for Android.

With more and more Android users coming back to the old text messaging app with modern features the future for the stock messages app looks bright. So when you’re working away at your desk, you may not want always to have to pick up your phone to handle text — thanks to Google Messages on the web, you don’t.

How to Activate and use Google Messages on the web

Using Google Messages on the web is a relatively painless process, and all you need is your computer and your phone. All you have to do is to switch on your computer and head over to your daily work browser that you mainley use.

Once there go to Google Messages. Click on Messages for web in the upper-right corner. On your phone, open Google Messages. Tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner. Select Device Pairing. Tap on the QR code scanner button. Point your phone camera at the QR code on your computer screen to scan it.

The above process is almost identical to the way we login into Whatsapp web. Once done properly the browser on your computer will refresh to a web interface version of Google Messages. And you should now see a mirrored copy of the messages on your phone.

If the computer you are logging into is your personal computer, and you will use Google Messages on it regularly. Then you may want to toggle the option to Remember this computer so you don’t have to pair with it each time.

This app will work on almost any computer that uses the latest browser. All you have to do is apply the above mentioned method to login and use Messages app on your computer. Let us know if you were able to login the first time by commenting below.

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